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Brillianty Buzzed 

Brillianty Buzzed

$90 per month for a month to per month membership
$160 per month for a 2 per month membership
$300 per month for a 4 per month membership
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Description for the Brillianty Buzzed

Are you sitting at home, stressed out, trying to decide if you're going crazy thinking "this is the start of the Apocolypse... and just maybe the guy on the corner was right about the 5G towers..." Well, I have great news for you!! You're not crazy, the world may be ending... But if it is why not get a little Brilliantly Buzzed to ease into the transition!

That's why we created the Brilliantly Buzzed Wine Club!!  

Our goal is to provide you with 4 bottles a month based on a theme. It could be Region, Unknown Varietals, Deep Dives, or Bubbles. We will give you a mix of wines (Reds & Whites) with history and information about the region and varietal so you can impress your friends! 

We also include a recipe to cook with each bottle so you can pair the wine perfect for that date with someone special.. or when you decide to invite the 5G guy in to hear more about his theories. 

The club is $75 a month with a 4-month commitment when you join (this gives me a little more buying power so I can always get you the best bottles). 

I am excited to have you join, so I can share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you and hopefully create the same love and passion for wine inside you! So come join us and let me be your wine Sherpa up this mountain of discovery. We promise to help demystify the world of wine and hopefully make you laugh a little along the way!

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